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Heroic Women of India


Today we know little to nothing about the women that paved the way for us.
This book is the stories of the brave women that fought for the rights of other women, made personal and professional sacrifices, and dared to change the world, and we are collecting the fruits of their hard work. Coming from different backgrounds, different parts of India, and at different stages of their lives, somewhere along the way, they transformed from ordinary to extraordinary. I call them our heroes. They can be our role models, giving us inspiration and courage to conquer our day-to-day goals.
It is the story of Rudrama Devi, who ruled the mighty kingdom when girls didn’t rule, but Rudrama did. Rani Abbakka, the fearless one! who repelled Portuguese attack on her motherland for four decades, to Durgavati, who fought fifty-two wars to defend her kingdom, did not step back when Akbar’s mighty army attacked her kingdom, to the mother of modern Indian feminism Savitribai Phule to the first Indian-born astronaut Kalpana Chawla and so on…
These stories of valor and courage will inspire a generation to come.

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