Book by Captain Preeti Gupta -Heroic Women of India

By Captain Preeti Gupta

Heroic Women of India

Historical Non-Fiction

This book is about amazing women in Indian history. Inspired by my daughter, Naina, I decided to write this book to share the stories of Indian women who have changed the world. These brave women fought for the rights of other women, made personal and professional sacrifices, and dared to change the world, and we are collecting the fruits of their hard work. These stories of valor and courage will inspire a generation to come. These women did not make it into the Indian history books – and as you read these stories, you will wonder why not. It has been wonderful to learn how these women broke through ceilings, resisted societal pressures, and lived heroic lives: they were heroes of their time. Coming from different backgrounds, different parts of India, and at different stages of their lives, somewhere along the way, they transformed from ordinary to extraordinary. I call them our heroes. They can be our role models, giving us inspiration and courage to conquer our day-to-day goals. I hope you will enjoy reading their stories as much as I have enjoyed putting them together from the available historical records.



Preeti Gupta

Captain Preeti Gupta was born in India and has lived in the United States for most of her life. She rose to the rank of Captain in the Indian Army, before coming to the United States to work in healthcare, IT, and most recently, writing this book. She began writing after being inspired by her daughter’s curiosity about her motherland’s untold stories and heroes. In her free time, she paints ( and blogs about Indian cooking ( to share traditional recipes with today’s generation.

Captain Gupta lives in Chicago with her husband, Ashwini, and her two children, Saagar and Naina.

Captain Preeti Gupta

… Preeti’s book brings them all together. And not in a dry documentary either. It tells lush stories, in big detail, precise quotes, and fine pictures. Teleporting back through time and space, you land at the time and scene of those epoch changing events. You want to pack your bags and visit those places yourself. All in all, a book worthy of being bought, being read, being discussed, and is being proudly displayed in your living’ room.

– Neeraj Kumar

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Heroic women of India

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