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Book Review by Rakesh Malhotra

Heroic Women of India- by Captain Preeti Gupta

This is a very beautifully written collection on the extraordinary tales of heroic women of India who are role models for young people everywhere. The narration is good, and the illustrations are amazing. Captain Preeti Gupta did extensive research about the Women who prevailed and persisted despite all odds. These women have faced tremendous opposition and sometime even life threating situations to do something different and live a life that they are so passionate about. How many of know about the brave Jhalkari Bai? She exhibited exceptional strength of will and acts of her bravery. It is amazing how a young girl stood her ground and fought with the tiger. The legendary warrior queen Rudrama Devi of the Kakatiya dynasty was celebrated for her valor. But how many of us are aware of her formative years, her emotional journey and of her hardships as an eight-year-old girl who was brought up as a boy?

The book is about many such women , both famous and so famous, for their zeal and belief in themselves. Many women have taken the path of creating a mindset change in society and inspired the World. It is immense pleasure to read about the stories of all of them who inspired one and all. Heroic Women of India is a master class in storytelling.

Exceptional writing, brilliant insights, and engaging stories. The stories in this book are true real-life stories and I am sure it will inspire everyone. I highly recommend it.

Rakesh Malhotra

Founder, Five Global Values Author of The Adventures of The Tornado Kids, whirling back towards timeless values.

As an Indian American Woman, it is important for me to read about women of Indian origin who have done incredible. I grew up reading about American and European women but didn’t see myself reflected in those stories. I am thrilled to share Heroic Women of India with my children – both my son and my daughter. Not only will they learn the names and accomplishments of women like Rani Durgavati and Kalpana Chawla, but they will see the incredible things Indian women have led in history. These stories need to be told and memorialized, and I am so glad Captain Preeti Gupta is leading the charge. 

Sudipti Kumar

Education Improvement Specialist. Former public school educator, policy and program director, and researcher on evidence-based education best practice for students in the United States and internationally.

Preeti Gupta’s exact title is a well-researched book that fills in a gap that exists educational resources for children. These are real-life stories of courageous women who stood to the challenge and changed the course of history; making a better world.  Only a few of the historic names are familiar that too with their many facts obscure in oblivion.  

The book presents a diverse selection of characters of disciplines.  Besides enriching history, the stories will provide inspiration among children and adults alike.  

Dr. Ram S. Gupta

Author, Emeritus Professor, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI, and Director, HARI Vidya Bhavan, RI

“Heroic Women of India”. All 3 words in the title attracted me. I want to read more about India, know more about heroics, and want more participation from women on the front. So I readily browsed through the book. The book covers 17 heroines over 8 centuries, from all walks of life. Some heroines I already knew, like Lakshmi Bai, Kalpana Chawla, Indira Gandhi, etc. Some heroines I had heard about, like Chennamma, Durgavati, Ahilya, Jhalkari, etc. But of most, I didn’t know at all, like Rudrama, Abbakka, Venu, Avanti, Anandi, etc. So I eagerly read the book. It was an eye-opener. Even on those I had known, I found more information. 

About my reaction… I was surprised and shocked that such glorious chapters of Indian history were as yet unknown to the masses. But, more importantly, I was happy that now I knew more Indian heroines and more about their great deeds. For each heroine, the chapter covers the setting and whole life. The quotes and references provide the veracity. And pictures? Oh, pictures! They make the book come alive! You read in one sweep, and you are done. But it is the pictures for which you browse the book again and again and again. All in all, a book worthy of being bought, being read, being discussed, and being proudly displayed in your visitors’ room.

Neeraj Kumar

Writer, Teacher and Analyst

This compilation is a culmination of Preeti’s research and hard work. Enjoy the stories and savor her paintings as you learn about India’s heroines.

Anu Garg

Author of A Word A Day, & The Dord, the Diglot, and an Avocado or Two.